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Andy Grant's Pluck
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. The Telegram.
Chapter II. Squire Carter.
Chapter III. Andy Leaves The Academy.
Chapter IV. Preparing For The Picnic.
Chapter V. The Boat Race.
Chapter VI. A Liberal Offer.
Chapter VII. An Encounter With a Tramp.
Chapter VIII. A Moment Of Danger.
Chapter IX. Conrad's Scheme.
Chapter X. The Tramp's Mistake.
Chapter XI. Conrad's Disappointment.
Chapter XII. Something Unexpected.
Chapter XIII. Andy Leaves Home.
Chapter XIV. The First Day In New York.
Chapter XV. Andy's Opposite Neighbor.
Chapter XVI. Andy At Work.
Chapter XVII. Andy's Fellow Boarders.
Chapter XVIII. A Plot Against Andy.
Chapter XIX. Andy Is Discharged.
Chapter XX. An Invitation To Dinner.
Chapter XXI. New Prospects.
Chapter XXII. John Crandall Seeks To Injure Andy.
Chapter XXIII. Mr. Flint's Return.
Chapter XXIV. Andy Makes An Investment.
Chapter XXV. Squire Carter's Relatives.
Chapter XXVI. Mr. Warren And His Success.
Chapter XXVII. Andy Makes A Commission.
Chapter XXVIII. Andy's Visit Home.
Chapter XXIX. The Interest Is Paid.
Chapter XXX. An Unexpected Proposal.
Chapter XXXI. The Trap.
Chapter XXXII. A Critical Moment.
Chapter XXXIII. A Sudden Tragedy.
Chapter XXXIV. Seth Johnson's Gift.
Chapter XXXV. The Return of an Old Friend.
Chapter XXXVI. Sad Forebodings.
Chapter XXXVII. Conclusion.

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