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The Young Acrobat
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Kit Watson.
Chapter II. Introduces Three Curiosities.
Chapter III. Kit Astonishes Two Acrobats.
Chapter IV. A Scene Not Down on the Bills.
Chapter V. How Kit Vanquished the Lion.
Chapter VI. Kit's Poor Prospects.
Chapter VII. Aaron Bickford, the Blacksmith.
Chapter VIII. Kit's Ride to Oakford.
Chapter IX. Kit Makes a New Acquaintance.
Chapter X. Kit's First Night at the Blacksmith's.
Chapter XI. Kit Falls into the Hands of the Enemy.
Chapter XII. Mr. Bickford's Defeat.
Chapter XIII. Breakfast in the Circus Tent.
Chapter XIV. Some Circus People.
Chapter XV. Mr. Bickford Goes to the Circus.
Chapter XVI. Mr. Bickford at the Circus.
Chapter XVII. Kit's Stratagem.
Chapter XVIII. Mr. Bickford's Mortifying Discovery.
Chapter IX. Stephen Watson Visits Oakford.
Chapter XX. A Chat with a Candy Butcher.
Chapter XXI. Kit Meets a Schoolmate.
Chapter XXII. New Acquaintances.
Chapter XXIII. Kit's Daring Act.
Chapter XXIV. Kit Receives a Letter.
Chapter XXV. The Attack on the Circus Tent.
Chapter XXVI. Kit Is Made a Prisoner.
Chapter XXVII. A Miner's Cabin.
Chapter XXVIII. Kit Rescued by a Girl.
Chapter XXIX. Janet Meets the Giant.
Chapter XXX. Dick Hayden Finds the Bird Flown.
Chapter XXXI. In the Enemy's Hands.
Chapter XXII. Kit's Danger.
Chapter XXXIII. Dick Hayden Meets with Retribution.
Chapter XXXIV. Some Important Information.
Chapter XXXV. On the Trapeze.
Chapter XXVI. Close of the Circus.
Chapter XXXVII. Kit Comes Home.
Chapter XXXVIII. Conclusion.

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