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Luke Walton
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. A Chicago Newsboy.
Chapter II. A Letter From The Dead.
Chapter III. Luke Forms a Resolution.
Chapter IV. An Attack In The Dark.
Chapter V. How Luke Escaped.
Chapter VI. Mr. Afton's Office.
Chapter VII. A Strange Encounter.
Chapter VIII. A Marked Man.
Chapter IX. Stephen Webb.
Chapter X. Stephen Webb Obtains Some Information.
Chapter XI. A House on Prairie Avenue.
Chapter XII. A Plot that Failed.
Chapter XIII. Tom Brooks in Trouble.
Chapter XIV. Luke Has a Cool Reception in Prairie Avenue.
Chapter XV. A Welcome Gift.
Chapter XVI. Thomas Browning at Home.
Chapter XVII. A Strange Visitor.
Chapter XVIII. How Jack King Fared.
Chapter XIX. A Sensational Incident.
Chapter XX. Ambrose Kean's Imprudence.
Chapter XXI. A Friend in Need.
Chapter XXII. How Ambrose Kean Was Saved.
Chapter XXIII. Stephen Webb Is Puzzled.
Chapter XXIV. Mrs. Merton Passes a Pleasant Evening.
Chapter XXV. Mrs. Tracy's Brother.
Chapter XXVI. The Prodigal's Reception.
Chapter XXVII. Uncle and Nephew.
Chapter XXVIII. Harold's Temptation.
Chapter XXIX. Harold's Theft.
Chapter XXX. Luke Walton Is Suspected of Theft.
Chapter XXXI. Who Stole the Money?
Chapter XXXII. Harold and Felicie Make an Arrangement.
Chapter XXXIII. Harold's Plot Fails.
Chapter XXXIV. Harold Makes a Purchase.
Chapter XXXV. A Skillful Invention.
Chapter XXXVI. Warner Powell Starts on a Journey.
Chapter XXXVII. Thomas Browning's Secret.
Chapter XXXVIII. Felicie Proves Troublesome.
Chapter XXXIX. Luke Walton's Letter.
Chapter XL. Face to Face with the Enemy.
Chapter XLI. Mr. Browning Comes to Terms.
Chapter XLII. Conclusion.

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