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Making His Way
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Two School Friends.
Chapter II. The Telegram.
Chapter III. Frank's Bereavement.
Chapter IV. Mrs. Manning's Will.
Chapter V. Disinherited.
Chapter VI. An Unsatisfactory Interview.
Chapter VII. A School Friend.
Chapter VIII. A New Plan.
Chapter IX. The New Owner of Ajax.
Chapter X. Mark Yields to Temptation.
Chapter XI. Mark Gets into Trouble.
Chapter XII. Suspended.
Chapter XIII. Mr. Manning's New Plan.
Chapter XIV. Good-Bye.
Chapter XV. Erastus Tarbox, of Newark.
Chapter XVI. An Unpleasant Discovery.
Chapter XVII. The Way of the World.
Chapter XVIII. Frank Arrives in New York.
Chapter XIX. Frank Seeks Employment in Vain.
Chapter XX. An Adventure in Wall Street.
Chapter XXI. The Capture.
Chapter XXII. The Young Tea Merchant.
Chapter XXIII. Frank Meets Mr. Manning and Mark.
Chapter XXIV. A Discouraging Day.
Chapter XXV. Perplexity.
Chapter XXVI. Frank Hears Something to His Advantage.
Chapter XXVII. An Incident in a Street Car.
Chapter XXVIII. Frank Makes an Evening Call.
Chapter XXIX. Frank Is Offered a Position.
Chapter XXX. Frank as Private Secretary.
Chapter XXXI. A Letter from Mr. Tarbox.
Chapter XXXII. Mr. Percival's Proposal.
Chapter XXXIII. Preparing For a Journey.
Chapter XXXIV. Frank Reaches Jackson.
Chapter XXXV. Dick Hamlin.
Chapter XXXVI. Mr. Fairfield, The Agent.
Chapter XXXVII. Frank Receives a Letter from Mr. Percival.
Chapter XXXVIII. The Agent Is Notified.
Chapter XXXIX. An Important Discovery.
Chapter XL. Jonas Barton.
Chapter XLI. Conclusion.

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