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Sam's Chance
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Sam's New Clothes.
Chapter II. Sam's First Day in Business.
Chapter III. Sam Finds a Room.
Chapter IV. First Lessons.
Chapter V. Sam's Finances.
Chapter VI. Sam's Luck.
Chapter VII. Twenty-Five Dollars Reward.
Chapter VIII. An Unexpected Obstacle.
Chapter IX. Restoring the Ring.
Chapter X. Sam's Investment.
Chapter XI. Henry Becomes a Merchant.
Chapter XII. How Sam Succeeded.
Chapter XIII. Henry's Good Fortune.
Chapter XIV. The Savings Bank Book.
Chapter XV. Sam Is Found Out.
Chapter XVI. Sam Loses His Place.
Chapter XVII. Tim Is Unmasked.
Chapter XVIII. The Fall River Boat.
Chapter XIX. Mutual Confidences.
Chapter XX. Too Late for the Train.
Chapter XXI. Arrived in Boston.
Chapter XXII. First Experiences in Boston.
Chapter XXIII. Sam Finds a Roommate.
Chapter XXIV. An Unpleasant Surprise.
Chapter XXV. In Pursuit of a Place.
Chapter XXVI. Abner Blodgett Again.
Chapter XXVII. Sam Is Initiated into a College Society.
Chapter XXVIII. Brown's Plan.
Chapter XXIX. Arthur Brown.
Chapter XXX. How It Was Arranged.
Chapter XXXI. Two Years Later.
Chapter XXXII. Conclusion.

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