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The Erie Train Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. On The Erie Road.
Chapter II. A Fair Exchange
Chapter III. Fred's Rich Relation.
Chapter IV. Zebulon Mack.
Chapter V. An Adventure on the Train.
Chapter VI. Mr. Bascom's Peril.
Chapter VII. Ferdinand Morris.
Chapter VIII. Mr. Bascom's Sad Plight.
Chapter IX. A Long Trip.
Chapter X. What Took Place in No. 21.
Chapter XI. Fred Falls Under a Terrible Suspicion.
Chapter XII. Fred As a Prisoner.
Chapter XIII. The Hotel Clerk's Mistake.
Chapter XIV. The Missing Valise.
Chapter XV. Mr. Palmer Walks into a Trap.
Chapter XVI. Palmer's Malice.
Chapter XVII. Two Young Lady Passengers at Odds.
Chapter XVIII. Unsatisfactory Relations.
Chapter XIX. Ruth Patton Calls on Mr. Ferguson.
Chapter XX. A Friend in Need.
Chapter XXI. Luella's Painful Discovery.
Chapter XXII. Miss Ferguson Writes a Note.
Chapter XXIII. Another Railroad Adventure.
Chapter XXIV. Fred's Good Luck.
Chapter XXV. Rose Wainwright's Party.
Chapter XXVI. Fred Becomes a Newspaper Hero.
Chapter XXVII. A Confidential Mission.
Chapter XXVIII. St. Victor.
Chapter XXIX. Fred Takes the First Step.
Chapter XXX. A Hunting Excursion.
Chapter XXXI. Fred Has an Understanding with Sinclair.
Chapter XXXII. Finding A Clew.
Chapter XXXIII. Success!
Chapter XXXIV. Bowman's Panic.
Chapter XXXV. Fred's Reward.
Chapter XXXVI. A Letter From Tom Sloan.
Chapter XXXVII. Cousin Ferguson.
Chapter XXXVIII. Conclusion.

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