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Tom Swift And His Big Tunnel
by Victor Appleton
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Chapter I. An Appeal for Aid
Chapter II. Explanations
Chapter III. A Face at the Window
Chapter IV. Tom's Experiments
Chapter V. Mary's Present
Chapter VI. Mr. Nestor's Letter
Chapter VII. Off for Peru
Chapter VIII. The Bearded Man
Chapter IV. The Bomb
Chapter X. Professor Bumper
Chapter XI. In the Andes
Chapter XII. The Tunnel
Chapter XIII. Tom's Explosive
Chapter XIV. Mysterious Disappearances
Chapter XV. Frightened Indians
Chapter XVI. On the Watch
Chapter XVII. The Condor
Chapter XVIII. The Indian Strike
Chapter XIX. A Woman Tells
Chapter XX. Despair
Chapter XXI. A New Explosive
Chapter XXII. The Fight
Chapter XXIII. A Great Blast
Chapter XXIV. The Hidden City
Chapter XXV. Success

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