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True to Himself
by Edward Stratemeyer
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1. The Trouble In The Orchard
2. An Assault On The Road
3. The Models
4. The Tramp Again
5. Following John Stumpy
6. A Strange Envelope
7. A War Of Words
8. The Struggle
9. New Trouble
10. Under Arrest
11. Aaron Woodward's Visit
12. A Surprise
13. An Interesting Conversation
14. The Price Of Silence
15. An Odd Statement
16. My Uncle Enos
17. A Sudden Resolve
18. In Mr. Woodward's Library
19. A Clever Ruse
20. At The Prison
21. A Midnight Adventure
22. A Telegram
23. In Chicago
24. Who Mr. Allen Price Was
25. An Exciting Adventure
26. Sammy Simpson
27. The Palace Of Pleasure
28. A Deal For A Thousand Dollars
29. The Precious Papers
30. The Train For New York
31. In The Metropolis
32. A Night At The Hotel
33. In Brooklyn
34. Mrs. Agatha. Mitts
35. The Widow Canby's Money
36. "All's Well That Ends Well"

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