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The Rover Boys in New York
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. The Boys At Brill
2. About The Past
3. A Useless Hunt
4. The End Of The "Dartaway"
9. A Breakdown On The Road
5. Two Visitors
6. The Missing Biplane
7. The Sale Of The Biplane
8. A Box Of Candy
10. Startling News
11. At The Farm
12. Off For New York
13. At The Outlook Hotel
14. Dick Makes A Discovery
19. The Search For The Schooner
15. At The Brokers' Office
16. More Discoveries
17. An Important Telephone Message
18. On The Hudson River
20. A Minute Too Late
21. Captain Rodney's Testimony
22. Hot On The Trail
23. The Rescue
24. From A Garret Window
29. Brought To Terms
25. What Happened To Tom
26. Dick Takes The Reins
27. Dan Baxter Gives Aid
28. The Capture
30. Mrs. Dick Rover -- Conclusion

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