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Five Little Peppers Midway
by Margaret Sidney
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I. Phronsie's Pie
II. Cousin Eunice Chatterton
III. The Rehearsal
IV. Welcome Home!
V. After The Play
VI. The Little Brown House
VII. Old Times Again
VIII. Some Badgertown Calls
IX. A Sudden Blow
X. The Party Separates
XI. Poor Polly!
XII. New Work For Polly
XIII. A Piece Of News
XIV. Mamsie's Wedding
XV. Mrs. Chatterton Has A New Plan
XVI. Where Is Phronsie?
XVII. Phronsie Is Found
XVIII. The Girls Have Polly Again
XIX. Phronsie Is Well Again
XX. The Secret
XXI. The Whitneys' Little Plan
XXII. Joel
XXIII. Of Many Things
XXIV. Away

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