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The Rover Boys at School
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. Introducing The Rover Boys
2. An Encounter On The Road
3. Sams Adventure At Humpback Falls
4. The Last Day At The Farm
5. On The Way To Putnam Hall
6. Friends And Enemies
7. Tom Gets Into Trouble
8. A Meeting In The Messroom
9. A Strange Meeting In The Woods.
10. Settling Down At The Hall
11. A Row In The Gymnasium
12. Fair And Foul Fighting
13. What The Game Of Hare And Hound Led T0
14. Josiah Crabtree In Difficulty
15. Dan Baxter's Money
16. The Great Football Game
17. Dick At The Stanhope Cottage
18. Winter Sports
19. The Skating Race--dan Baxter Is Cornered
20. The Bully Leaves Putnam Hall
21. Something About The Past
22. Fun At The Hotel
23. Balloting For A Second Lieutenant
24. Preparing For A Mid-night Feast
25. Mumps Is Taught A Lesson
26. A Lively Game Of Baseball
27. Off For The Summer Encampmemt
28. The Recovery Of The Watch -- Conclusion

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