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The Rover Boys on the Ocean
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. Something About The Rover Boys
2. The Encounter On The River
3. Josiah Crabtree Frees His Mind
4. The Disastrous Result Of A Trick
5. A Never-To-Be-Forgotten Swim
6. An Unexpected Meeting
7. Dick Is Made A Prisoner
8. The Search For Dick
9. A Loss Of Importance
10. Tom, Sam, And Farmer Fox
11. Fun At Putnam Hall
12. Dick Visits Dora Stanhope
13. The Fire At The Hall
14. The Disappeapance Of Dora Stanhope
15. Dick's Bravery And Its Reward
16. The Search For The "Flyaway"
17. In Which Dora Is Carried Off
18. Still In The Hands Of The Enemy
19. Dora Tries To Escape
20. A Long Chase Begun
21. The Meeting In The Bay
22. The Baxters Make A New Move
23. Down The Staten Island Shore To Sandy Hook
24. Searchlight And Lantern
25. A Shot From The Darkness
26. A Flag Of Truce
27. The Collision In The Fog
28. Home Again -- Conclusion

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