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Bound to Rise
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Biography and Bibliography
CHAPTER II. A Calamity
CHAPTER III. Hiram's Motto
CHAPTER IV. A Sum In Arithmetic
CHAPTER V. The Prize Winner
Chapter VI. Looking Out On The World
CHAPTER VII. In Franklin's Footsteps
CHAPTER VIII. Harry's Decision
CHAPTER IX. Leaving Home
CHAPTER X. The General
CHAPTER XI. In Search Of Work
CHAPTER XII. The New Boarder
CHAPTER XIII. An Invitation Declined
CHAPTER XIV. The Tailor's Customer
CHAPTER XV. "by Express"
CHAPTER XVI. Asking A Favor
CHAPTER XVII. The Night Scholars
CHAPTER XVIII. Lost, Or Stolen
CHAPTER XIX. An Unwelcome Visitor
CHAPTER XXI. In The Tailor's Power
CHAPTER XXII. The Coming Of The Magician
CHAPTER XXIII. The Ventriloquist
CHAPTER XXIV. Harry's Letter
CHAPTER XXV. A Strange Companion
CHAPTER XXVI. Pages From The Past
CHAPTER XXVII. A Mystifying Performance
CHAPTER XXVIII. An Unexpected Payment
CHAPTER XXIX. In The Printing Office
CHAPTER XXX. The Young Treasurer
CHAPTER XXXII. The Good Samaritan
CHAPTER XXXIII. The Reward Of Fidelity
CHAPTER XXXIV. In Difficulty

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