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The Rover Boys out West
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. Returning From A Great Game
2. Something About The Rover Boys
3. The Missing Danger Signal
4. A Trail Is Found And Lost
5. A Struggle In The Dark
6. An Interesting Letter
7. A Hunt Through The Woods
8. What Became Of Tom
9. A Dose Of Tar And Feathers
10. In The Nick Of Time
11. Brought To Trial
12. Winter Days At Putnam Hall
13. Lost In The Snow
14. A Few Spring Happenings
15. How Arnold Baxter Escaped
16. Something About The Eclipse Mine
17. Bound For The West
18. The Rover Boys In Chicago
19. The Burly Stranger's Little Game
20. Just A Little Too Late
21. Lost In The Mountains
23. Tom Meets The Enemy
24. The Search For The Missing Boy
25. A Cave And A Bear
26. The Baxters Try To Make Terms
27. Dash For Liberty
28. Bill Noxton Comes To Grief
29. Locating The Lost Mine
30. The Landslide-conclusion

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