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Richard Dare's Venture
by Edward Stratemeyer
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Preface To The Revised Edition
1. A Serious Accident
2. Bitter Moments
3. Preparing To Start
4. On The Train
5. The Smash-up
6. Under Suspicion
7. The End Of The Journey
8. The "Watch Below."
9. Locked Out
10. The First Night In New York
11. Robbed
12. On The Search
13. Richard Calls On Mr. Joyce
14. Work Obtained
15. New Quarters
16. Pep
17. Getting Acquainted
18. A Strange Situation
19. The Laurel Club
20. Trouble Brewing
21. Richard In Trouble
22. Richard Visits Mr. Joyce Again
23. Strange Discoveries
24. Pep's Home
25. Tom Clover
26. A Scene In The Stock-room
27. A Fire And Its Result
28. A Lucky Resolve
29. Frank's Idea
30. Mr. Martin's Clerks
31. Tom Clover's Statement
32. The Firm Of Massanet And Dare

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