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On the Trail of Pontiac
by Edward Stratemeyer
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A Glimpse At The Past
The Cabin In The Clearing
Barringford's Strange Discovery
Searching For Clews
A Lively Elk Hunt
Surrender Of Fort Detroit
Preparing For The Expedition Westward
On The Old Braddock Road
Henry's Strange Disappearance
A Wait In Camp
Happenings Of A Stormy Night
The Ruins Of The Old Trading-post
Building The New Trading-post
Jean Bevoir Has His Say
Dave's Unwelcome Visitor
Dave Meets Pontiac
The Attack On The Pack-train
After The Encounter
The Trail Through The Forest
Guarding The Trading-post
Sam Barringford Brings News
The Rock By The River
Dave And The Fawn
Something About Slaves And Indian Captives
The Results Of A Buffalo Hunt
Strange Indian Magic
The Trail Of Pontiac
An Underground Storehouse
Pontiac's Trail Once More
In The Camp Of The Enemy
Held As A Spy
A Fight And A Victory--conclusion

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