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Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
by L. Frank Baum
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1. The Earthquake
2. The Glass City
3. The Arrival Of The Wizard
4. The Vegetable Kingdom
5. Dorothy Picks the Princess
6. The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous
7. Into the Black Pit and Out Again
8. The Valley of Voices
9. They Fight the Invisible Bears
10. The Braided Man of Pyramid Mountain
11. They Meet the Wooden Gargoyles
12. A Wonderful Escape
13. The Den of the Dragonettes
14. Ozma Uses the Magic Belt
15. Old Friends are Reunited
16. Jim, The Cab-Horse
17. The Nine Tiny Piglets
18. The Trial of Eureka the Kitten
19. The Wizard Performs Another Trick
20. Zeb Returns to the Ranch

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