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The Adventures of Joel Pepper
by Margaret Sidney
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I. Joel And The Snake
II. What Dave Heard
III. Deacon Brown's Nail Pile
IV. The Muffin Man And The Tramp
V. On Bandy Leg Mountain
VI. Ab'm's Birthday Party
VII. Joel Goes A-fishing
VIII. Why They Said No
IX. The Bag Of Rye Flour
X. Mamsie's Surprise
XI. Dr. Fisher's Visit
XII. At Grandma Bascom's
XIII. Passengers For The Boxford Stage
XIV. Deacon Blodgett's Bonfire
XV. Old Man Peters' Cent
XVI. The Stage-coach Ride
XVII. The Fight At Strawberry Hill
XVIII. In The Little Brown House
XIX. Circus Plans
XX. Circus Or Menagerie?
XXI. Joel's Circus
XXII. The Minister's Chickens
XXIII. The Blackberries And The Bull
XXIV. How Joel Started The Fire
XXV. Joel Sells Shoes For Mr. Beebe
XXVI. Miss Parrott's Coach And The Coasting
XXVII. Princes And Princesses

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