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A Lady of Quality
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Chapter I--The twenty-fourth day of November 1690
Chapter II--In which Sir Jeoffry encounters his offspring
Chapter III--Wherein Sir Jeoffry's boon companions drink a toast
Chapter IV--Lord Twemlow's chaplain visits his patron's kinsman, and Mistress Clorinda shines on her birthday night
Chapter V--"Not I," said she. "There thou mayst trust me. I would not be found out."
Chapter VI--Relating how Mistress Anne discovered a miniature
Chapter VII--'Twas the face of Sir John Oxon the moon shone upon
Chapter VIII--Two meet in the deserted rose garden, and the old Earl of Dunstanwolde is made a happy man
Chapter IX--"I give to him the thing he craves with all his soul-- myself"
Chapter X--"Yes--I have marked him"
Chapter XI--Wherein a noble life comes to an end
Chapter XII--Which treats of the obsequies of my Lord of Dunstanwolde, of his lady's widowhood, and of her return to town
Chapter XIII--Wherein a deadly war begins
Chapter XIV--Containing the history of the breaking of the horse Devil, and relates the returning of his Grace of Osmonde from France
Chapter XV--In which Sir John Oxon finds again a trophy he had lost
Chapter XVI--Dealing with that which was done in the Panelled Parlour
Chapter XVII--Wherein his Grace of Osmonde's courier arrives from France
Chapter XVIII--My Lady Dunstanwolde sits late alone and writes
Chapter XIX--A piteous story is told, and the old cellars walled in
Chapter XX--A noble marriage
Chapter XXI--An heir is born
Chapter XXII--Mother Anne
Chapter XXIII--"In One who will do justice, and demands that it shall be done to each thing He has made, by each who bears His image"
Chapter XXIV--The doves sate upon the window-ledge and lowly cooed and cooed

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