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Women and Ghosts Men
by Amy Lowell
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Figurines in Old Saxe
Pickthorn Manor
The Cremona Violin
The Cross-Roads
A Roxbury Garden
Bronze Tablets
The Fruit Shop
The Hammers
Two Travellers in the Place Vendome
War Pictures
The Allies
The Bombardment
Lead Soldiers
The Painter on Silk
A Ballad of Footmen
The Overgrown Pasture
Off the Turnpike
The Grocery
Number 3 on the Docket
Clocks Tick a Century
Nightmare: A Tale for an Autumn Evening
The Paper Windmill
The Red Lacquer Music-Stand
Spring Day
The Dinner-Party
Stravinsky's Three Pieces "Grotesques", for String Quartet
Towns in Colour

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