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A Book of Golden Deeds
by Charlotte M. Yonge
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What Is a Golden Deed?
The Stories of Alcestis and Antigone
The Cup of Water
How One Man Has Saved a Host B.C. 507
The Pass of Thermopylae B.C. 430
The Rock of the Capitol B.C. 389
The Two Friends of Syracuse B.C. 380 (Circa)
The Devotion of the Decii B.C. 339
Regulus B.C. 249
The Brave Brethren of Judah B.C. 180
The Chief of the Arverni B.C. 52
Withstanding the Monarch in His Wrath A.D. 389
The Last Fight in the Coliseum A.D. 404
The Shepherd Girl of Nanterre A.D. 438
Leo the Slave A.D. 533
The Battle of the Blackwater 991
Guzman El Bueno 1293
Faithful Till Death 1308
What Is Better Than Slaying a Dragon 1332
The Keys of Calais 1347
The Battle of Sempach 1397
The Constant Prince 1433
The Carnival of Perth 1435
The Crown of St. Stephen 1440
George the Triller 1455
Sir Thomas More's Daughter 1535
Under Ivan the Terrible 1564
Fort St. Elmo 1565
The Voluntary Convict 1622
The Housewives of Lowenburg 1631
Fathers and Sons 219—1642—1798
The Soldiers in the Snow 1672
Gunpowder Perils 1700
Heroes of the Plague 1576—1665—1721
The Second of September 1792
The Vendeans 1793

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