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The Chosen People
by Charlotte M. Yonge
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The Chosen People.
Lesson I. The Promise.
Lesson II. The Patriarchs.
Lesson III. Egypt.
Lesson IV. The Wilderness.
Lesson V. Israel in Canaan.
Lesson VI. The Kingdom of All Israel.
Lesson VII. The Kingdom Op Judah.
Lesson VIII. The Kingdom of Samaria.
Lesson IX. Nineveh.
Lesson X. The Captivity.
Lesson XI. Babylon.
Lesson XII. Cyrus.
Lesson XIII. The Rebuilding of the Temple.
Lesson XIV. The Wall Rebuilt.
Lesson XV. Alexander.
Lesson XVI. The Greek Kings of Egypt.
Lesson XVII. The Syrian Persecution.
Lesson XVIII. The Maccabees.
Lesson XIX. The Roman Power.
Lesson XX. The Gospel.
Lesson XXI. The Foundation of the Church.
Lesson XXII. The Apostle of the Gentiles.
Lesson XXIII. The Fall of Jerusalem.
Lesson XXIV. The Primitive Church.
Lesson XXV. The Persecutions.
Lesson XXVI. The Conversion of Constantine.
Lesson XXVI. Theodosius.
Lesson XXVIII. The Teuton Nations.
Lesson XXIX. Mahomet.
Lesson XXX. The First Schism.
Lesson XXXI. The Middle Ages.
Lesson XXXII. The Reformation.
Lesson XXXIII. Colonization.
Lesson XXXIV. The Spread of the Gospel.
Lesson I.
Lesson II.
Lesson III.
Lesson IV.
Lesson V.
Lesson VI.
Lesson VII.
Lesson VIII.
Lesson IX.
Lesson X.
Lesson XI.
Lesson XII.
Lesson XIII.
Lesson XIV.
Lesson XV.
Lesson XVI.
Lesson XVII.
Lesson XVIII.
Lesson XIX.
Lesson XX.
Lesson XXI.
Lesson XXII.
Lesson XXIII.
Lesson XXIV.
Lesson XXV.
Lesson XXVI.
Lesson XXVII.
Lesson XXVIII.
Lesson XXIX.
Lesson XXX.
Lesson XXXI.
Lesson XXXII.
Lesson XXXIII.
Lesson XXXIV.

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